Fox Forever (Jenna Fox Chronicles #3)

Fox Forever (Jenna Fox Chronicles #3)
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March 19, 2013
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Locke Jenkins has some catching up to do. After spending 260 years as a disembodied mind in a little black box, he has a perfect new body. But before he can move on with his unexpected new life, he’ll have to return the Favor he accepted from the shadowy resistance group known as the Network.

Locke must infiltrate the home of a government official by gaining the trust of his daughter, seventeen-year-old Raine, and he soon finds himself pulled deep into the world of the resistance—and into Raine’s life.

Mary E. Pearson brings the story she began in The Adoration of Jenna Fox and continued in The Fox Inheritance to a breathtaking conclusion as Locke discovers that being truly human requires much more than flesh and blood.

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Great conclusion to the trilogy!
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Locke has left Jenna's tranquil home and has returned to Boston to work with the Network. His job is to make friends with the daughter of Secretary Branson, who is most likely responsible for the death/disappearance of Karden, Miesha's husband. Karden had put together a lot of money to help the Network, but even Branson has just part of the numbers needed to access the account, and Locke hopes to find them out through his friendship with Raine. After a Rocky start, this turns in to a lot more than Locke bargained for, since Raine is tired of her controlling father. When Locke finds out she was adopted, he discovers huge secrets about her family background. The question is whether he can also find out the numbers (with the help of an underground network of Bots as well as the Network) to access the account, and whether there are anymore cubes holding his, Jenna and Kara's souls being warehoused somewhere.
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This series is such a thought provoking one-- what if your spirit existed for hundreds of years, everything and everyone you knew is gone, and you get another chance? This has a lot of action and adventure (attacks by feral children/dogs), good technology (BioPerfect blue gel!), excellent star-crossed romance (they meet in the park in the dead of night), as well as the whole concept of being in the city where you grew up 260 years after you left it. The twists were good, and the conclusion was satisfying.
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