The Vindico

The Vindico
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June 14, 2012
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When supervillains of the Vindico realize they are getting too old to fight the League of Heroes, they kidnap and begin training five teens, but James, Lana, Hayden, Emily, and Sam will not become the next generation of evil without a fight.

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Five teens are all kidnapped from the bedrooms by a group of super villians known as the Vindico who are trying to conquer the League of Heroes. All of the teens have problems-- James has been dumped by his girlfriend, Hayden has been all but abandoned by his mother, Sam is generally insecure, Lana has been making poor life choices, and Emily is more interested in computers than in socializing at school. The teens are all to be mentored by a villain who shares some of their characteristics, and while the conditions aren't horrible, they aren't good. Training is difficult, embarrassing secrets about each teen are revealed to the whole group, and the teens are all torn between wanting to have superpowers and not wanting to be villains. They all still like the League of Heroes, and are distraught when they are involved in a fight where they are compelled to attack members of it. When the group runs into Deanna, who has some powers and is working with the League, they need to figure out how they can corral the Vindico without getting themselves killed, and see if the League will take them back despite their involvement with Vindico's evil plans.
Good Points
There are a lot of students who want to read about super heroes and villains, and there is a growing number of books on the topic. This holds up well with Walden's H.I.V.E. books, Jink's Evil Genius series, Ferraiolo's Sidekicks, Carroll's Quantum Prophecy Young's S.T.O.R.M and Cody's Powerless. The cover is very appealing, and despite the huge number of characters, the author does an excellent job of making them memorable.
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