Adam Bede

Adam Bede
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December 31, 1969
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Carpenter Adam Bede is in love with the beautiful Hetty Sorrel, but unknown to him, he has a rival in the local squire's son, Arthur Donnithorne. Hetty is soon attracted by Arthur's seductive charm and they begin to meet in secret. The relationship is to have tragic consequences that reach far beyond the couple themselves, touching not just Adam, but many others, not least, pious Methodist Preacher Dinah Morris.

A tale of seduction, betrayal, love, and deception, the plot of Adam Bede has the quality of an English folk song. Within the setting of Hayslope, a small, rural community, George Eliot brilliantly creates a sense of earthy reality, making the landscape as vital a presence in the novel as that of the characters themselves.

Eliot probes deeply into the psychology of commonplace people caught in the act of uncommon heroics. Alexandre Dumas called this novel 'the masterpiece of the century.'

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A tale of forbidden love
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Reader reviewed by L. Eustace

As with most Victorian works, there's always romance, a little mystery, and some evil. For lovers of the famed Jane Austen, you can't miss out on this author.

Adam Bede marries a woman out of lust who gives birth to a child of another mans. Fumed by this he leaves her and suddenly his eyes fall upon a young woman who his younger brother deathly loved, a woman who cared for his dying mother, and above all a woman all people respected. The only problem was that she's a preacher, living for God, and only for God, meaning marriage would be impossible unless she were to break away from her preachings.

I'm not one for religion, and was glad to find out that little emphasis was placed on religion itself, but more uppon forbidden love.
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