ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion (The Chronicles of Ageron #1)

ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion (The Chronicles of Ageron #1)
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February 16, 2012
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What does a Sorcerer-Guardian do when his perfect world begins to crumble around him? As appealing as the thought of being a Sorcerer-Guardian is to Ajay Samuels, the harmonious existence between all Ageronians and Earthlies leaves little reason for him to put his abilities into practice. Abilities that should set him apart from the rest of his kind due to his status as an Altor; the elite and powerful body of seven succeeding families of the original seven Sorcerers elected to oversee and govern Ageron. His monotonous life begins to change soon after experiencing a strange dream, and following his most vivid of premonitions, he senses a danger he knows too little of to do anything about. The world as he knows it all but vanishes following the most unexpected of confrontations with a new and powerful enemy he has never before had much to do with. On his quest for further information, Ajay is confronted with more than he could ever have envisioned, and he knows everything about his life is about to change; for the worse. ALTOR: The Shadow Rebellion is the first novel in The Chronicles of Ageron.

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