Zaftan Entrepreneurs

Zaftan Entrepreneurs
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January 04, 2011
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Tired of reading scifi and fantasy stories that take themselves too seriously?  Zaftan Entrepreneurs is a unique First Contact story; it is part adventure and part corporate and political satire spiced with comic relief. Here, you'll find nasty, snarly aliens, fantasy creatures, humans, romance, magic, and -- just like the real world -- incompetent politicians and feuding bureaucracies.  What more could a fantasy or scifi reader ask for?   Zaftans are a gruesome alien race. They stand seven feet tall, weigh over four hundred pounds and stink like fish guts left in the sun. Resembling giant squids, they have eight tentacles that can be used as arms or legs. When in a good mood, they are merely hostile. All zaftans consider treachery and assassination to be social skills and list them on their resumes. A zaftan mining expedition discovers Gundarland, a place inhabited by humans, elves, dwarfs and other races. Initial scans by the zaftan ship indicates promising places to search for the rare minerals they seek. Since the planet is inhabited, the zaftans have to deal with the natives, but they plan to negotiate treacherously with the government. Robotic explorers are deployed and instructed to ignore the natives and disregard private property. These actions enrage a dwarf miner, MacDrakin, to the point he declares war on the robots and the aliens. He collects a few warriors and destroys a number of robots. His actions threaten his budding romance with Higginbottom, the area's only constable, who has orders from the government to protect the robots. When a robot discovers a large mineral find under the area's only town, the ship's captain decides on revenge and orders the town destroyed during the mining process. Meanwhile, MacDrakin positions his warriors to block the alien attempt. Who will win, MacDrakin or the aliens?

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