Almost Everything (Vampire Princess of St. Paul #3)

Almost Everything (Vampire Princess of St. Paul #3)
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February 07, 2012
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Whoever said vacations were relaxing?

To say half-vampire, half-witch Ana Parker has boy trouble is putting it lightly—something her text messaging bill can attest to. Her rocker ex-boyfriend Nikolai is trying to heat things up again, and high school hockey star Mathew wants her to try out with him for the Renaissance Festival. At least her sort-of boyfriend Elias isn’t hounding her cell—considering the vampire knight is currently living in her basement.

Ever since her father banished Elias and Ana from the court of the Northern vampires, Ana has been trying to live a normal life. But when the Prince of the Southern Region vampires informs Ana that they’re on the brink of war and she accidentally offers up Elias as a peace offering, the princess knows that she’s going to need some help to get out of the situation.

With Ana’s boy drama meter hitting an all time high, summer in St. Paul is heating up for all the wrong reasons…

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I am a faithful reader. If I start a series, I feel compelled to finish it, if I enjoyed the first book. That being said, I recently read the novel Almost Everything which is the third in the series Vampire Princess Novels.

But, before I move onto Almost Everything, there is some background information you need to know. Ana's father is a vampire, and her mother is a witch, making Ana, the main character, part vampire, part witch. And if that didn't make things complicated enough, she also is the princess of the vampires. Her mother is Queen of the witches, and her father is prince of the vampires. They are currently feuding.

The beginning starts off to a really rough start. And I kept thinking to myself "I still have three hundred pages to go." Mind you, three hundred pages isn't really a lot for a book. But, if a book doesn't seem to be going anywhere, three hundred pages can be the death of you. Around pages seventy or eighty, the action starts to pick up, and the book gets interesting for about fifty or so pages.

But Ana's immaturity ruins a lot of the story. I don't know if I just didn't notice it, or what, but the writing in the third book kind of sucked. Ana's constant use of "like," "totally," and "OMG," were really frustrating to read. By the third book, Ana should be developing into a more mature character. But, none of the characters seem to be maturing or changing. Least of all Ana.

In the beginning of the series, Anna had one main love interest and one possible love interest.

By the third book, she has three, and they are all declaring love to her. Even though they know she has possible feelings for the other two. Which is crazy. Seriously. And why do they all like her? Maybe she's pretty, maybe she's powerful. But all three of them are completely smitten. And in real life that makes little sense.

Ana also does A LOT of contemplating to herself. Granted, she has a lot on her plate, but her thoughts get to be too much. They take away from the action and the suspense. I guess her contemplating would be okay in the end is she had made some real decisions, but by the end a lot of her decisions are still up in the air.

In the end, the third book was more of a letdown. And yet there seems to be another in the series. I sincerely hope this series is Almost over.
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