Gil Marsh

Gil Marsh
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February 28, 2012
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Good looking, athletic, and smart, Gill Marsh is the most popular kid at Uruk High School, even though he is only a junior. When Enko, a new kid from Montreal, shows up, Gil is wary. Yet Enko is easy going and matches Gil's athletic prowess without being a threat. Soon, the two become inseparable friends, practicing, studying, and double-dating.

Then suddenly, to everyone's shock, Enko succombs to an aggressive cancer.

When Enko's parents take his body and return to Canada, Gil is unable to even say good bye. He is inconsolable. Determined to find Enko's grave, Gil sneaks away and heads north.

Closely based on the ancient story of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian King from 3000 BC, A. C. E. Bauer has carefully woven the classic elements of myth to follow Gil's quest and explore the grief and growth of a young man.

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Tough read for various reasons.
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It's always a struggle for me whenever I have to write a less than favorable review because I know the author has poured their heart into their work and I don't like to be the one to say I didn't like it. However, I do believe in giving my honest opinion and I will do my best to share it while being respectful of both the author and their work.

The cover is what originally caught my attention and made me want to read this story but unfortunately, that's where my interest ended.

This is a modern day retelling of the story of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian King from 3000 BC. Gil Marsh the reinging "top dog" at school quickly befriends the new kid, Enko after realizing being rivals with him is a waste of time. The speed at which they become BFF's is almost unbelievable (who becomes friends that fast?) and a little unsettling. I started to feel as if I was reading about two guys who'd fallen in love with one another instead of two guys who'd become as close as brothers.

After Enko's untimely death, Gil isn't sure what the purpose of life is anymore. He sets out on a journey with the hope that in finding Enko again, he'll ultimately find himself in the process.

I'm sorry to say that I had a hard time reading the rest of this book because I found it to be dry and boring. Hopefully, there will be other readers who will thoroughly enjoy this book but I am not one of them.
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