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October 11, 2011
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Hailey Tarbell is no typical girl. As one of the Banished who arrived from Ireland generations ago, Hailey has the power to heal—and, as she recently learned, to create zombies if she heals someone too late. But now, Hailey is finally getting a chance at a normal life. After realizing the good and bad sides of her power, Hailey has survived the unimaginable to settle with her aunt, Prairie, and her little brother, Chub, in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Finally Hailey has a loving family, nice clothes, and real friends. But her safe little world is blown apart when she tries to contact her secret boyfriend, Kaz—and alerts the incredibly dangerous man who's looking for her to her true whereabouts.

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Hailey Tarbell is still struggling to come to grips with her special gift as a Healer and the good that it can do. And even more so with the horrific effects it can have if her gift is harnessed and used by the wrong people. She has already experienced this firsthand. An experience she never wants to happen again. And by “wrong,” she means the people like the "General" who would like to use her gift to create monsters to be used a weapons. Her gift to heal is not something she can ignore. And it is something that really hinders her chance of being a "normal" teenager.

Hailey is really trying to fit in as she settles into her new life with her Aunt Prairie and her brother, Chub. Being part of the Banished has put them at risk and Hailey knows all too well how her and her family’s gifts can bring nothing but pain. Because of the danger, Hailey is forced to cut all ties with her boyfriend, Kaz. Kaz, another full-blooded, Banished member has the gift of Sight. His and Hailey's gifts, along with their pure-blood Banished blood makes them valuable to more than one enemy. Separating his family and Hailey's was a necessity in order to keep everyone safe. However, when other Banished members also have the gift of Sight, it isn't that easy. Not to mention the evil "General" who has something specific in mind for Hailey and her Aunt and is determined to find them no matter what the cost.

When one secret phone call to Kaz ends the security that Hailey's Aunt Prairie has painstakingly put together, Hailey must deal with the consequences of her and Kaz's actions and join together to bring back her family and stop the unthinkable from happening. This isn’t something her and Kaz can do on their own. But who can they trust? With very few options and time running out, Hailey is forced to work with her horrible father, Rattler Sikes, whose ultimate goal in life is to rebuild the pure-blood Banished line with no worry for how that will affect Hailey or her family. Is Hailey doing the right thing? Will this one decision cause her to lose the people that she loves?

This books takes you through some fast-paced and exciting adventures that will have you finishing this book in no time. It is the companion book to Banished. I did not realize this when I read this book. And thankfully, this book stands on its own. I was able to read this book without previously reading the first book and not feel “lost.” It is definitely one of those “rooting for the underdog” type books. I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.
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It has a good amount of action and suspense in the book. A very easy read.
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