in a celandine world

in a celandine world
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June 03, 2011
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Willow Jane has a secret. She's in love with the Boogeyman. He comes to her in her dreams. Lately he's been speaking to her while she's awake. She doesn't know why he comes to her, or how it is that she loves him. She's never even seen him. Until now. She's accepted crazy. She's accepted isolation--heck, she's even welcomed it. She'll do anything to be with him. But now Betts Willoughby is on to her. The mysterious wife of the village butcher watches her. She knows things. She believes things--things that are even crazier than Willow. The truth is going to come out. A truth that has long been forgotten. A truth that was concealed in a manuscript in the 12th century. An impossible truth. A dangerous truth that will blow Willow's secret wide open--leaving her scrambling to save the only man she could ever love.

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