Misery's Fire

Misery's Fire
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December 31, 1969
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Misery's Fire is a teenager's account of his time in Hell. When the demons couldn't torture him, they sent him to a place more gruesome - high school.

"When I found myself in Hell I learned several things. One, there really is a Devil and he does rule over Hell.

Two, an eye for an eye does not extend to the lives of the gang members who did not personally kill your sister.

Three, when you splash gasoline all over a body shop you also splash gasoline on yourself.

The fourth and most important lesson I learned was before you light the match with the intentions of burning down the gas station and killing the man that murdered your sister, you would be wise to leave the building instead of waking him up so he could see you pass your judgment on his life.

In Hell, everyone is assigned their own demon caseworker. His job is to make sure you're as unhappy as possible and Hell lives up to its reputation. Much to my caseworker’s disappointment, after living through my sister's death, none of the levels of Hell they created for me had the desired effect. I told him after living through the agony of high school, I thought I could endure all he had to offer. So he promptly beamed me back to the fiery pits of high school."

Misery’s Fire is a crime thriller detailing the life and death of Grant Williams and his subsequent experience in Hell. When his caseworker, Angelo, couldn’t break his spirit, he exacted his revenge by sending Grant back to the fiery pits of high school. He finds himself in a new – and much younger body – with nothing but a backpack and a school uniform. Grant must learn to survive not only life on his own, but also the horrors of high school – cliques and chicks included.

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