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Pigs and People, Sowboys and Cowboys
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Sowboy, A Factual Fanciful Fiction by Richard Miller; DFI Books, 2003, paperback, 234 pages, $19.50.

Sowboy, as the title indicates, is a Factual Fanciful Fiction, but what the title doesn't tell you is how interesting, entertaining and funny the book is. Pigs and People, Sowboys and Cowboys. A "sow" is a female pig; a Sowboy raises pigs.

We all know that Cowboys are loved and respected and women adore them, but what about Sowboys? Well, Billy Williams sets off on a journey to show that Sowboys deserve the same respect. The characters include our Sowboy, a pig farmer/Roman soldier, a computer-whiz lawyer, a commodities trader and more. Billy's adventure takes you from College, to the Marines, to Pigville, to Chicago and finally to Indonesia where Billy stays, happily ever after with, of course, PIGS.

If you are looking for a great summer or winter read, this is it. The book will keep you interested, excited, and entertained. Sowboy is illustrated and includes a layout of Pig Spa Island, the place in Indonesia that Billy helps create. Of Sowboy, the cowboy writer Larry McMurtry says, "Sowboy is original, arresting, vivid and funny."

Richard Miller's other writings include Amerloque, Bohemia, Snail, Squed, Mosca, Coyote, and more to come. If you haven't read one of Miller's books, start with Sowboy and then move on to the rest. Of these, the back cover presents commentary by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Herb Caen, Joan Baez, Tom Robbins, William S. Burroughs, and Bruce Anderson.

Richard Miller was in the Marines from 1943-1945. He was a Merchant Marine, student and foreign correspondent based in Paris from 1945-1961. He obtained his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, and has 6 children and 10 grands.

Sowboy is available at most bookstores through Ingram, and, on the net, through Amazon, Booksurge, B&N, and others, worldwide, which is to say: Everywhere.
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