YABC: Festival of Lights GIVEAWAY DAY 4 ~US ONLY

Welcome to YABC’s 8th Annual Holiday Giveaway! We’re featuring books perfect for the book lover on your holiday list!–with exciting prize packs every day for the first five days of December.  Giveaways are US only due to publishers’ rights restrictions in other territories. 

Today’s Theme for our Fourth Day of The Festival of Lights Giveaway is Winter and Hannukah brought to you by Candlewick, Pajama Press, Penguin Random House, and MMPublicity!

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Title: Celebrate Hanukkah
Author: Deborah Heiligman
Publisher: National Geographic Kids Books
Release Date: 9/27/16

With dazzling images and engaging text, readers learn about the historical and cultural significance of Hanukkah and why it is celebrated around the world. From the lighting of the menorah to the special foods that are shared to the spinning of the dreidels, they’ll get insights about this holiday’s traditions and the Jewish faith. This book also offers fascinating facts, a recipe, and a Common Core-aligned activities.

National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.
Visit www.natgeoed.org/commoncore for more information.

Title: Cocoa Magic

Author: Sandra Bradley

Illustrator: Gabrielle Grimard

Publisher: Pajama Press

Release Date: 11/8/2022

In a cozy 1920s chocolate shop, the special ingredients
in each perfect treat are empathy, generosity, and thoughtful acts of kindness.

Eight-year-old Daniel cherishes the hour he spends every
morning helping his Great-Uncle Lewis in his chocolate shop. They mix, temper,
pour, and mold. “It’s magic, my boy,” Uncle Lewis says. And Daniel
agrees. When a new girl named Sarah joins his class, Daniel sees how lonely she
is and begins sneaking chocolates into her desk. Seeing Sarah light up after
each treat is wonderful…but then Daniel starts noticing other classmates with
troubles. Soon he is hiding more and more chocolates until the exciting day
when everyone in class receives one, even the teacher! The best part is, no one
knows it’s him.

But then, when Daniel is the one feeling sad and alone, who
will know to comfort him?

In Cocoa Magic, Gabrielle Grimard’s rich and
nostalgic illustrations transport readers to a cozy 1920s chocolate shop and a
stiff brick schoolhouse that somehow learns to be warm as well. In her text and her closing author’s note, clinical
social worker Sandra Bradley celebrates the wonders that happen when someone
meets another person’s need to be seen and understood–even through the smallest
act of kindness.

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Title: Diez Maneras De Escuchar La Nieve (Ten Ways to Hear Snow Spanish Edition)

Author: by Cathy Camper; illustrated by Kenard Pak; translated by Rossy Evelin Lima

Publisher: Kokila; Penguin Young Readers

Release Date: 11/8/2022

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Title: The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol

Author: Arthur A. Levine

Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes

Publisher: Candlewick

Publication Date: 9/8/2020

From an imaginative team come a new larger-than-life holiday hero who brings Hanukkah wonder and generosity to anyone in need!

Nate Gadol is a great big spirit with eyes as shiny as golden coins and a smile that is lantern bright. He can make anything last as long as it is needed, like a tiny bit of oil that must stretch for eight nights, a flower that needs to stay fresh to cheer up someone ailing, or a small lump of chocolate that grows to allow the Glasers to treat their children over the holiday and, during a harsh winter when medicine is needed more than sweets, spurs them to share what little they have with the O’Malleys. In this charming holiday hybrid story, well-known children’s author and editor Arthur A. Levine pairs with award-winning illustrator Kevin Hawkes to offer a mythical, magical take on the way Jewish families came to give and receive gifts over Hanukkah, just as their Christian neighbors do at Christmas, thanks to a loving spirit named Nate Gadol working behind the scenes–together with a certain jolly old soul.

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