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June 13, 2023
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This shocking, suspenseful novel about a group of teenage girls living in a cult shows the terrifying paranoia and suspicion that emerges when one of them goes missing—perfect for fans of We Were Liars.

Nine girls bound together
in beautiful, virtuous Havenwood,
a refuge from an unsafe world.

Then there are eight,
one of them gone —
departed with no warning.
Did this member of their pack
stray willingly,
or did something more sinister occur?

The girls seek answers
not knowing if they should be angry
or frightened
or perhaps,
they should be both.

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consuming novel in verse
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WOLFPACK is a consuming novel in verse. The book follows 9 girls, who live in Havenwood, by their unique rules. Since a particularly troubling episode when they were younger, they all stick together in a separate cabin which locks. However, one of the girls has gone missing, and as the others band together, they also wonder what happened to their friend and whether she may have left of her own free will. The end reveals the shocking truths that lead to their own actions.

What I loved: The writing style was expertly selected and employed in this book to provide all the context and information in a really visceral and emotional way. The style made the girls' feelings seem more raw and intense as the reader travels through the group in terms of perspectives. Their curiosity, pain, and anger really came through the scenes where it applied.

The cult-like setting of Havenwood was interesting as a backdrop. While the rules were not all laid out, it did seem to follow the formulas that other cults do, such as estrangement from the outside world (one of the girls is tasked with sorting and opening the mail to cult members, which will never be delivered), girls stopping education early and never being considered for leadership positions, control over relationships, and other things along those lines. These elements, while background to the mystery of what happened to their friend, were fascinating and gave it a heavier feel, knowing all the secrets and lies that are kept and told.

While there were definitely some elements of the ending that I had guessed, it still managed to shock me, and the way it unfolded was particularly potent and evocative.

What left me wanting more: The girls all felt rather the same, as there was not a style or descriptive change that occurred from one perspective to another, and the only differentiating factor was the label of whose it was. This may have actually been intentional to set them up as a cohesive set/group with almost a hivemind. In practice, it did make it easier to read, as the reader did not need to be bothered so much with who was who - the standouts that differentiated themselves were made clear.

Final verdict: WOLFPACK is a visceral and evocative novel in verse that captivated me from start to shocking end. Recommend for fans of THE PROJECT and I AM MARGARET MOORE.
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