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Great hot start to a series I am excited about.
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I wanted to read this one because Jennifer is on my auto- read/buy list. Her sense of humor, addictive writing and swoon worthy guys have won my heart over, and I know that I will get a good one when I open up something she has written.

Wicked is no exception. We get to meet the main character Ivy who is taking classes, and working for the Order, an organization she grew up a part of based in New Orleans. She is strong and courageous in the face of what she fights day in and out. She is also a survivor, as she has lost her family and a boy she loved all due to what the Order is up against, but she is still functioning and very much a part of fighting the fae in disguise who love the city of New Orleans because weird stuff can go down and hardly anyone will even blink an eye.

Ren comes on the scene pretty early, and you can feel the chemistry and tension between them. Ivy is afraid to open her heart though because of all the losses she suffered. The synopsis also lets us know that there is something about Ren that will open her eyes to things about the Order she didn't know, and will make her question what she thinks she knows.

Tink amused me to no end. He is sort of a houseguest, and I love the conversations he and Ivy have. He is sarcastic, loves sugar, loves HP and Twilight and says he's watching for research.

The romance got very hot, and I loved every second. I was thinking it could be ya for a while, and then I was very pleased to realize it heated up to very NA or adult levels. It made me sigh for Ren and want my toes to curl.

I was beginning to expect one of the twists at the end but it didn't take away from my enjoyment. Can't wait for more in the series.

Bottom Line: Great hot start to a series I am excited about.
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