What We Saw

What We Saw
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September 06, 2022
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When best friends Abbi and Skylar witness a clandestine meeting between a mysterious woman and someone in a dark van, they're thrilled. Finally, a mystery to spice up the summer!

Who could these people be? Why are they meeting? Are they spies? Criminals? The two girls are determined to find out. But then a local woman goes missing and is found dead in the woods. And Abbi and Skylar realize that their detective work could hold the keys to solving her murder. Suddenly, sleuthing isn't so fun anymore.

As tensions rise and their friendship frays, the girls find themselves in increasing danger, and must choose between keeping a secret or exposing a life-altering truth.

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Curiosity can be dangerous.
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What worked:
Abbi and Skylar are best friends, the Dynamic Duo, but most young readers will connect with their boredom of summer’s end. Kids can only hangout or go to the mall or pool so many times before they fall into a rut. They’re looking for something different and exciting to do. Abbi and Skylar decide to bike to a more dangerous part of town, but that’s when their summer vacation takes a turn.
The girls stake claim to an abandoned tree house where they can oversee the surrounding fields and forest. They notice some delinquent boys from their middle school and know they’re up to no good. A man and woman meet under the tree every Thursday, and Skylar is especially certain they’re either Russian spies or having an affair. The girls find a no trespassing sign, bullet holes, a dead deer, and they encounter a couple of unsavory men. All of these experiences present questions as a mystery develops. It turns out the woman is Abbi’s favorite teacher, and Abbi doesn’t know what to do when she turns up missing.
The book becomes more than a mystery story, as the characters are forced to deal with other emotional issues. Divorce is a huge topic, as Abbi and Skylar are living in homes without fathers. Skylar is very bitter toward her father after he has an affair and leaves their family. She transfers this anger to any person she suspects might be having an affair even when she jumps to conclusions. Abbi tries to be the voice of reason, but it’s hard to change Skylar’s mind once it’s set on something. Abbi doesn’t remember much of her own father, and she’s lucky that her mom has found a kind boyfriend. Abbi doesn’t carry the divorce baggage like a lead anchor, but she’d still like to have a father again.
What didn’t work as well:
This is probably my own issue, but I’m used to the author’s spooky, eerie ghost stories, so this book is an unexpected contrast. The mystery early in the plot creates unease, but nothing supernatural is waiting to happen. That doesn’t make the book bad, but it’s just not what I was anticipating.
The Final Verdict:
Curiosity can be dangerous. The author crafts an intriguing mystery that could happen in almost any city, in any state. The suspects are many, and readers will follow the emerging clues as the author reveals them. The climax isn’t a huge surprise, but the girls’ overall adventure is entertaining. I recommend you give the book a shot.
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