Welcome to the Future: Robot Friends, Fusion Energy, Pet Dinosaurs, and More!

Welcome to the Future: Robot Friends, Fusion Energy, Pet Dinosaurs, and More!
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November 30, 2021
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Have you ever wondered what the future may look like? In this book, you'll explore 10 ways technology could alter our way of life. The challenge for you is to decide which changes you want for yourself and the world.

In the future, will we teleport from place to place, keep dinosaurs as pets, or 3D-print our dinner? Will we live on Mars or upload our brains to computers? Could we solve climate change by making all our energy from mini stars we build here on earth? In this book, you'll meet the scientists working to bring science fiction to life and learn how soon we might have amazing new technology. You'll also delve deep into questions about right and wrong. Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should. How can we build the best possible future for everyone on Earth?

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Realistic look at "Science Fiction"
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This well researched vision of what could happen in the future covers topics from robots to living on other planets to dinosaurs as pets. Clean energy, teleportation, food, and living forever are also discussed. I liked the way that past visions of the future are explored, current realities are explained, and realistic progress is detailed. This makes it VERY different from the books about the future that I read in the 1970s (that were mainly from the 1960s and 1950s). Gone is the brilliant, innovative future that will just certainly HAPPEN, replaced by a well reasoned treatise on why we are never, ever going to teleport.

The layout of this was fun, with a 1980s computer font for subject headings, and fun futuristic drawings. This is definitely one to purchase and keep forever, so that students in 2070 can dust it off and laugh and laugh.
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This was a fantastic book, even if it wasn't as bright and shiny a view of the future as was held in the past. I liked the idea of a Jetsons' style future, even if no one really though it would come to pass. I don't want to know that robot hands don't work that well, and I already know that living on other planets is something that I never want to do. But can't I keep dreaming that one day I will have a jet pack, and it won't caues third degree burns on my legs?

We are able to send pictures to people living hours away on our phone, and even have video calls, so the future is now. I just wish, for younger people's sake, that the rest of the future weren't so bleak.
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