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Weird Wonders of the World
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WEIRD BUT TRUE WORLD 2023 brings children interesting and weird facts from all over the world, highlighting some that even happened this year! After the introduction, the book opens up for dates to look forward to in 2023 to celebrate the odd things in life and my daughter had me mark them on the calendar. It gives parents and children something to look forward to next year, which adds another life to this book if you ask me. Keeps it relevant. Then it breaks off into the different continents and gives us so many random, yet strange facts to expand the reader's knowledge bank.

As usual, National Geographic nails it on the layout. They always dominate in this division compared to other reference books. The bold colors and strange photographs are engaging and makes you want to look twice... and probably a third time. I really like the quizzes and how it gets the gears moving in children's minds and aids in retaining the information. It gives them challenge rather than just skimming through a picture book. It definitely gives me a Ripley's Believe it or Not feel, but I feel like this one is more appropriate for middle-grade children.

Final Verdict: For those children who are fascinated with strange facts or like to learn about places from all over the world, this is the book for them and look no further for a Christmas present. It's always nice giving something to a child that teaches them a thing or two and this one will do more than just that. I now have an unending supply of facts to keep both my daughter and my family entertained for a while.
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