Waiting on Wednesday ~ June 12, 2024

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.



*Connie’s Choice*

(YABC Site Manager)

Where the Library Hides: A Novel (Secrets of the Nile, 2)

Author: Isabel Ibañez

Expected Publication Date: November 5, 2024

Where the Library Hides is Isabel Ibañez’s stunning conclusion to the story that started in What the River Knows. A lush immersive historical fantasy set in Egypt filled with adventure, and a rivals-to-lovers romance like no other!

Inez Olivera traveled across the world to Egypt, seeking answers into her parents’ recent and mysterious deaths. But all her searching led her down a perilous road, filled with heartache, betrayal, and a dangerous magic that pulled her deep into the past.

When Tío Ricardo issues an ultimatum about her inheritance, she’s left with only one option to consider.

Marriage to Whitford Hayes.

Former British soldier, her uncle’s aide de camp, and one time nemesis, Whit has his own mysterious reasons for staying in Egypt. With her heart on the line, Inez might have to bind her fate to the one person whose secret plans could ruin her.


*Kim’s Choice*

(YABC Staff Reviewer)

Sunrise of the Reaping

Author: Suzanne Collins

Expected Publication Date: March 18, 2025

The phenomenal fifth book in the Hunger Games series!
Sunrise on the Reaping revisits the world of Panem twenty-four years before the events of The Hunger Games, starting on the morning of the reaping of the Fiftieth Hunger Games, also known as the Second Quarter Quell.


*Mark’s Choice*

(YABC Staff Reviewer)

The Beanstalk Murder

Author: P.G. Bell

Publishing Date: 8/6/24

The Beanstalk Murder – a middle grade fantasy novel by P. G. Bell – involves a young witch in training, her archenemy, the kingdom of giants, and a huge murder mystery!

Anwen Sedge, a young Meadow Witch apprentice, lives in a rural village that hasn’t seen giants since the Great Beanstalk War. So it’s quite a surprise when one drops from the sky and squishes the village flat. It’s an even bigger surprise when Anwen discovers that he was dead BEFORE he hit the ground. This is a murder! The only solution is for Anwen and her arch nemesis, Cerys (who’s the best at High Magic and won’t let anyone forget it) to send a plea for help to the giants’ kingdom, using a magic beanstalk.

But the beanstalk backfires, shooting the two rivals into the giants’ kingdom before crumbling to dust! There, they make a terrible discovery – the murdered giant was none other than the king. And the giants have no magic of their own to get the girls home. Trapped in the royal palace and surrounded by intrigue, Anwen decides to use her Meadow Witch skills to unmask the killer, despite Cerys’s doubts in her.

With the help of a few new friends and her reluctant rival, can Anwen figure out who murdered the king before the killer strikes again?


*Jan’s Choice*

(YABC Staff Reviewer)

The Dagger and the Flame

Author: Catherine Doyle

Expected Publication Date: october 1, 2024

In the dark underbelly of a beautiful city, two rival assassins are pitted against each other in a deadly game of revenge, where the most dangerous mistake of all is falling in love in this searing young adult fantasy.

In Fantome, a kingdom of cobbled streets, flickering lamplight, beautiful buildings, and secret catacombs, Shade-magic is a scarce and deadly commodity controlled by two enemy guilds: the Cloaks and the Daggers—the thieves and the assassins. On the night of her mother’s murder, eighteen-year-old Seraphine runs for her life. Seeking sanctuary with the Cloaks, Sera’s heart is set on revenge. But are her secret abilities a match for the dark-haired boy whose quicksilver eyes follow her around the city?

Nothing can prepare Sera for the moment she finally comes face-to-face with Ransom, heir to the Order of Daggers. And Ransom is shocked to discover that this unassuming farm girl wields a strange and blazing magic he has never seen before. As the Cloaks and the Daggers grapple for control of Fantome’s underworld, Sera and Ransom are consumed by the push and pull of their magic…and the deadly spark and terrible vengeance that keeps drawing them back together.



*Lillian’s Choice*

(YABC Indie Co-Manager)

Us in Ruins

Author: Rachel Moore

Expected Publication Date: 09/03/2024

Margot is on the quest to uncover and reassemble an ancient—and cursed—vase, with the help of a boy who went missing in 1932, because it’s the only way to put back together her broken heart in this standa-lone adventure rom-com, perfect for fans of What the River Knows and The Lost City.

The mythical Vase of Venus Aurelia hasn’t been seen since 1932, but Margot Rhodes is determined to change that.

Drawn by the vase’s supposed magical properties, Margot embarks on her school’s archaeological trip to Pompeii. Sure, it’s her first time holding a shovel, but she’s got something no one else does: lost teenage explorer Van Keane’s journal.

Poring over the poetic entries that serve as a map to the vase’s missing shards, Margot finds herself falling in love with the boy who wrote it a century ago. She’s shocked when her search leads her to a statue that looks exactly like Van, and then the statue comes to life.

Catapulted into the present, Van is nothing like the wordsmith Margot imagined. He’s all sharp edges, intent on retrieving the relic for all the wrong reasons. But it takes two to survive Venus’s death-defying challenges, and, together, Margot and Van must excavate the treasure—and their buried pasts—before their story ends in ruins.

With a blend of humor, magic, and love, Rachel Moore crafts another stand-alone adventure rom-com full of double- and triple-crosses, hilarious shenanigans, and frustration-fueled banter, where the best treasure is true love.



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