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Emperor Penguins
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Baby Penguin sits in his egg, waiting for his mama. His dad keeps him warm by holding him on top of his feet, working as a shield against the frigid winds. Sometimes he falls over, but his dad knows how to get him right back where he belongs. Baby Penguin is ready to hatch, but where's his mama? Should he wait for her to come back before he does?

WAITING FOR MAMA teaches children about the family dynamics of Emperor Penguins with cute illustrations and corresponding dialogue. The mama goes hunting for food while the papa watches the egg and protects it from the cold. This book reads like a relaxing bedtime story since there isn't much stimulation, yet the topic of penguins intrigues children because it isn't an animal they see everyday. My daughter loved seeing the family structure of penguins and thought the baby one was adorable.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of animal behaviors, especially penguins. WAITING FOR MAMA is a simple structure perfect for children aged four and up to learn a bit about one of the coolest species of animals.
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