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WAIT FOR ME is an intriguing thriller/suspense read that follows a young woman in college. Casey is 17 and a sophomore at NYU. She dreams of an internship in publishing and has a rich boyfriend whose father is in the field. When spending time with her boyfriend, she begins to hear a voice - as it escalates, Casey begins to realize that she knows things she couldn't possibly and feels a connection with a strange boy in a rural town.

What I loved: The story has lots of twists and turns that really surprise the reader at every turn. There were definitely some shocking reveals at the end as well, and a thriller that keeps the reader on their toes is always entertaining. The story has some supernatural twists that add an extra element to what is happening and give it a heavy air of mystery.

In addition to the main plot, there were some thought-provoking themes around family and complicated family dynamics, family illness, and wealth disparities. Casey lost her mother when she was young, and her stepmother is often cruel. Her father is ill, and she is dealing with complex feelings around that and the way that her stepmother has twisted things. Although not the primary focus of the story, these themes were also really intriguing.

What left me wanting more: The middle of the book felt slow in places, as it takes the reader through the clues more slowly. Considering how fast things came at the beginning, it felt like a lull. The romance was harder for me to buy into at first as well, with some unusual elements pulling it together.

Final verdict: WAIT FOR ME is an overall engaging YA thriller/suspense that will work well for fans of supernatural twists and destined love.
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