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Young Adult Fiction 1589
Wait For Me
(Updated: October 10, 2022)
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Seventeen-year-old Casey hears and sees flashes of a past that take her off guard. She's attending NYU and should be having the time of her life. Add to this she's dating one of the most eligible guys in NYC. Her father and stepmother think she really has dissociative personality disorder and try to get her help. The imagines and memories grow louder when Casey goes to Avon Shores. Once there she's drawn to Jake, another boy with his own secrets. Both of them team up to find out the truth. A truth that might have deadly consequences.

What worked: This story had me guessing throughout! I didn't know if in fact Casey might be remembering the past life of Becky, who died tragically, or really suffered from mental illness. Shepard does a good job of weaving in clues in this engaging paranormal thriller.

More than a few times I said out loud--so Becky really is a past life? Or does Casey have a mental illness that if not treated could be dangerous to not only her but those around her? Just when I thought I 'got' it? Shepard throws in another tidbit that will lead readers down another path.

The instant connection Casey has with Jake takes on a whole different meaning when he shares his own part in the mystery. Marcus, the rich boy that is interested in Casey, seems almost too intense at times. Then he's not shown again until the middle of the novel. Only later do readers find out why.

The mystery is a slow burn. At mid-point does it really roll along with more clues and yes, more day visions that cumulate into a satisfying conclusion.

Captivating paranormal thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.
Good Points
1. Captivating story that kept me guessing till the very end
2. paranormal thriller
3. Past lives
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