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Young Adult Fiction 111
hate Hate HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to admit, I enjoyed this book for the better part of the novel, until I realized just how annoying and pathetic Kennedy is. She kept crying about how everyone kept leaving her and how she basically needed love to survive. What kind of message is that supposed to show? That if I don't have a boyfriend I will become a zombie, depressed, b with an itch? She also kept complaining about how she never wasn't apart of the legion, and when her marks never showed up, she just upped and ran like a scared little girl! Also when she found out that Jared was the reason why Her mother and Everyone else's mom/grandma/grandpa was DEAD because of Jared she didn't even get angry, not a little bit, not even a smidge. She was just like "oh poor Jared and his tortured soul he must feel terrible about what he did, poor thing " I would have expected a screaming match, a little tears, maybe even a nicely aimed kick and a punch to the goods but no. Kennedy was weak and annoying and just not likable. I had to force my self to finish the ending, which is never a good sign. It just was the book for me. I will not be continuing the series.
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