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FOOD ATLAS takes the reader across the world to see the different types of foods other cultures eat. From North to South and East to West, children will get to learn how other cultures view meals. They also incorporate history and geography with their food facts and I even learned some new information along with my daughter. It’s inspiring to see how food can bring people from all over the world together.

If you are looking for a recipe book, this isn’t it but it’s a great educational tool for children to learn about cultures and possibly get them to expand their palate. I do wish there were more kid friendly recipes included because that would have made this book perfection. The games are intriguing and stimulated my daughter’s mind. She also liked seeing the different maps because it’s fascinating to her how big the world really is. The illustrations flip between real pictures and hand drawn ones and I love the variations. The color theme of the book is bold and pops right off the page.

Final Verdict: FOOD ATLAS is the perfect book for children who love food and want to learn more about it. It may also be an eye opener for those who are picky. I believe anything is worth trying at least once and this book gives the reader plenty of ideas. Just make sure you have a snack to indulge in because it will make you hungry.
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