Ultimate Book of the Future

Ultimate Book of the Future
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June 07, 2022
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Robot dogs! Jet packs! Cyborgs! Super-sleek space suits! It’s not science fiction, it’s science reality. And soon, it may be part of everyday life. This book is a jam-packed collection of the coolest tech and wildest ideas that are shaping the world of tomorrow.

Blast off for an unbelievably fascinating journey through time, space, and even a holographic pop concert (or two)! With chapters on future cities, space travel, high-tech entertainment, and even saving the world, Future World is a thorough, fun compendium of high-tech gadgets being built today and the coolest stuff tomorrow has to offer, plus the amazing dreamers making it all happen.

Special “Could It Happen?” features tackle kids” burning hypothetical questions, like whether Jurassic Park could really exist, or whether a robot could become president. Each chapter also includes a “Future Fail!” that profiles one thing we thought we'd have by now, but don't (like everything from The Jetsons.) And kids will see where they might fit into the picture through the “Jobs of Tomorrow” profiled in each chapter. (Job titles include mind reader, space pilot, and robot-human communicator. Seriously!)

This is the perfect book for fans of sci-fi, budding engineers and scientists, lovers of futuristic movies and pop culture, and anyone who has ever dreamed about what tomorrow might look like.

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The Future Awaits!
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‘Ultimate Book of the Future’ by Stephanie Warren Drimmer, a National Geographic Kids book, is a beautiful journey through a wide variety of questions and topics. Could a robot become president? Could humans teleport? Could robots become smarter than people? Could humans live forever? Could Jurassic Park come true? These are only a smattering of the questions posed in this book that not only includes tons of facts in easily readable format, but bright, colorful, engaging images that pop off every page and intensify the amount of interest anyone might have about the topics on any given page.

Additional fun facts, such as how it takes 45 minutes to put on a traditional space suit and how hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backward, line the pages of the book. Readers will arouse their curiosity and be interested enough that they will want to look into the ideas throughout the book themselves.

Even though all sorts of things in the book have yet to happen or don’t yet exist, that’s all part of the fun. If we don’t look to the future, try to figure out what might be next or what we want to be next, then progress will come to a halt. As the afterword of the book states, “that’s where experts called futurists come in.” Research and educated guesses (otherwise called hypotheses) are a futurist’s best friends, along with other items that help them make connections to help society move forward, knowing all of the possibilities that exist.

When our grandparents were kids, smartphones were a thing of the future. Even in the 1990s, video calls weren’t an ever present part of society like they are today. TVs haven’t been around for all time, and color television only began to be a part of society in the 1950s. The future is what you make of it, and futurists are looking to help us discover through this book just how society may adapt to everything that is to come.
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The future is what you make of it, and futurists are looking to help us discover through this book just how society may adapt to everything that is to come.
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