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Amidst perpetual rain, vegetarian vampires frolic...
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Reader reviewed by Shardaye

This "thrilling" tale of vampire romance captured the hearts of readers (or rather screaming girls) the world over. When Bella Swan moves to the town of perpetual rain, also known as Forks, Washington her life is suddenly changed. She falls unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen; a pale skinned, topaz eyed, 108 year old virgin vampire. After several strange encounters- one of which includes Edward stopping a van from crushing Bella (damn!) with his bare-albeit supernaturally strong- hands, our protagonist finally concludes that Edward Cullen may not be what he appears.

The events that follow are sure to shock and awe you, or at least intrigue you enough to read on, as Meyer takes you on a journey of sparkling vegetarian vampires, supernatural baseball and abnormally pale faces.

 While Stephenie Meyer may have been transformed from housewife to household name in a proverbial heartbeat, this reader remains unconvinced that her calibre of writing should or even can be compared to that of JK Rowling. Meyer lacks the intricate details and the masterfully woven plot lines that would place her in the upper echelon among authors.

 I found Twilight to be an entertaining read, but upon closer reading quickly tired of hearing Bella rambling on about Edward's grace and beauty in between tripping over her own feet.

 This book is mostly character driven which is what has inspired such an enthusiastic fandom. The novel is written in a simple prose-which may explain why so many people can read it and relate and the plot is predictable. Boy meets girl. Boy thirsts for girl's blood. Boy defends girls from murderous vampire.  Just the usual...

 So in the words of Edward's own personal brand of heroin (aka Bella- it's an inside joke, read the book) 'This is not the end but the beginning...' of the Twilight Saga and there are many more hysterical screams of fan girls to come.  

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