Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Odette Barberousse
Publisher Name
Berbay Publishing
Age Range
Release Date
October 04, 2022
“Highly recommended....Edwina’s signature text is magical, thought-provoking and leaves an impression on each page…It is one of those books that will stay in the reader’s heart forever.” – CBCA Reading Time

“Highly recommended....Tish represents unrequited friendship, gentleness, hurt and goodness. A beautiful tale!”– ReadPlus

What happens when an imaginary friend is outgrown, or worse, forgotten by the very person who made him real?  That’s what Tish is bound to discover. You see, it all starts with Charles Dimple who sets out to create his perfect friend. Naturally, he needs to be large, with tusks and a tail. "A bit like a dragon—but better."  Tish was made for Charles, but could there be someone out there who’s made for Tish?  

This is Tish’s journey with the three children who make him real--change him, the way the best relationships do--and inspire him to do a bit of believing of his own.   

Once you’ve met Tish, you’ll never forget him.

Award-winning author Edwina Wyatt’s enchanting middle-grade novel is an ode to imagination and believing and a reminder that even relationships that don’t last forever are very much worth having.  

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