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I love reading Ellen Hopkins’ books! They are so amazing and relatable! It allows you to take a walk in someone else’s shoes and see the way things can be in different situations. This book was no different. It follows the lives of teens who are dealing with everyday circumstances. I actually was approached by a parent while purchasing some of her books. The parent wanted information on what the books touched base on and said her daughter had really wanted to read Hopkins’ stories. When I told her, the parent seemed offended and said maybe these books were not the right choice for her daughter to be reading. I beg to differ.

The situations in these books have so much to offer young readers. It can show them just how difficult some things can be. It can show them how manipulation is everywhere. It can also give them some information they are anxiously seeking. I know that the majority of parents, as it touches base on in the book, like to turn their heads and pretend that stuff like this does not happen. Their children are the one’s who suffer. They are left unsure and still seeking answers, yet afraid to seek them. Hopkins’ books shed light on these questions. I personally recommend these to anyone. They are earth shattering and gripping. They definitely do not disappoint!

Hopkins books tell you how it is. They show you circumstances in life that are real and that happen everyday. In Tilt, the teens are suffering with being gay, teen pregnancy, sex, drugs, relationships with boys/girls and parents, loss, and fitting in. I found myself captivated in the first couple of pages. This book really takes you down an emotional path. I felt for each and everyone of the characters. I had a few that I wanted to shout at also. This story is told from a multi-person perspective. I thought this was great! Although some might find this confusing, I felt that you were seeing similar issues from different standpoints and how it effected each person on a different level.

This was a great book. I felt that the subjects it touched base on are something many readers could find understanding in. The characters in this book are so easy to get attached to that it is hard to watch them struggle through their mounting issues. I felt the strongest connection with Shane. He just seemed so vulnerable throughout the book. These stories do not usually have happily ever afters since they talk about real life events. I did find myself keeping my fingers crossed for a couple of the teens though. I definitely need to read her book Triangles soon. This book is a companion to it. Overall I really enjoyed this story. A lot of the stories touched close to my heart and left a lasting impression. I am definitely a forever fan of Ellen’s.
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