Throwback Thursday: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer




Contributed by Beth Edwards, Assstant Blog Manager and Staff Reviewer



So I have always loved reading books and for as far back as I can remember I had a book in my hand. I started as a middle grader obsessed with R.L Stine and his Fear Street series and after reading those I kinda had a couple of years where I didnt read as much. When I picked reading back up, it was with romance and mystery novels on an adult level and so I literally skipped over the Young Adult genre. My sister was a English teacher at a high school during this time and one day we were visiting a book store and we walked by the Young Adult section and she pointed to this black book with an apple on the front and mentioned that all of her students were reading this series. I looked at the book and thought to myself..”Well that book looks pretty ordinary…simple cover…hmmm wonder if I should try it?” Well I did. I actually started reading the book, just a little book called Twilight, on the way home and I literally read the entire book that afternoon and night and it was about 4 AM when I finished it.


41865New Moon (Twilight, #2)Eclipse (Twilight, #3)Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)



The book Twilight literally changed my life. I was completely obsessed with Young Adult books after reading The Twilight Saga. I began reading every young adult book that I could get my hands on and I was so excited about the genre that I began to search the internet for everything about them which in turn led me to blogging. I began to see all of these amazing people hosting their own blog and writing about their experiences reading these books. I realized that this was the path I needed to take and so I created my own blog and that is where my adventures in blogging began and it has been the best decision I ever made! I love getting to share my love of books with others who are just as obsessed with them as I am! I love learning about new, interesting books that I would like to read that I would not normally have ever heard about otherwise….and I owe all this to the first young adult book I ever read, Twilight!