Throwback Thursday: The Unforgettable Death



*Contributed by Melissa Robles, Staff Reviewer*


I have so many memorable moments in regards to Harry Potter, but I think the one I remember the most is my pain for the death of a certain beloved character in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.



When I reached that part in the book, I cried out SO LOUD that my parents thought something was wrong with me and panicked. After I told them the reason why, they got a bit angry and told me to shush since we were in a hotel room and it was late. However, I could NOT stop crying. My tears even spoiled the book for my sister who DEMANDED to know what was the matter (we had only bought one copy and I won first read in an epic rock-paper-scissors tournament).



Then we were both crying so hard that parents had to step in and try to take the book out of our hands. We held on for dear life that they eventually gave up, and we fell asleep clutching the book between us.

Ah, such memories! Now our parents bring it up in every family reunion in a much more embarrassing manner to make up for the hotel’s clerk call to our room to keep our noise down. In our defense, we were 11 & 13 year olds. 😉