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A kickbutt heroine you won't have a problem girl-crushing on.
(Updated: November 04, 2012)
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Let me first say that when I found out that this was up on Net Galley, I literally tripped over myself to get to the computer, crossed all the things after requesting it, refreshed my email account for days (and crying a little inside for each day that went by with no word), and then celebrated like a drunken fool when it said “this title is now available on your page for viewing.” In short, I wanted this one and I wanted it bad. I’m thrilled to say that it lived up to almost every expectation that I had for it.

The heroine:
So, Calaena Sardothien is a bada**– like a real hardcore, dagger-wielding bada**. I fell in love with her feisty spirit, her ability to love and laugh after enduring such hardships, and her quick-wit. Did I mention she’s a total kicka**? Yeah, you get it. Girlcrush Level 5 Alert, it’s happening people.

The hero:
ALL THE SWOONS, FOLKS! I know what you’re thinking. Swoons, this is good, right? We like swoons. We want the swoons. Well, I’m cheating here because the problem is that, for me, there are two heroes, and they both had me swooning.

On one hand, you have Dorian, the Crown Prince. He may be a womanizer of sorts, but that’s only because he’s wickedly charming and intelligent. I was putty in his hands from his very first interaction with our very own Adarlan’s Assassin. I’ll just say, he gives her books and access to his library, wants to talk with her about them, and signs his letters “Most Affectionately.” Don’t laugh at me, it was very Beauty and the Beast-like. I have now deemed him “His Holy Unfness.”

Then on the other hand, you have Chaol, and he’s Captain of the Royal Guards. I swooned for this captain for a whole other host of reasons. He’s constantly challenging Calaena, whether it’s in their training or mentally or even emotionally. He’s brooding and mysterious, but caring and attentive, and… just, can I keep him?

The story:
The stacking of this story was great. You had the competition as the main focus, and while the sub-plots included romance(s) and killing and corruption, it wasn’t overly complicated or distracting. There was just enough mystery to keep you moving forward, but not enough to drive you crazy.
Good Points
Celaena is a kickbutt heroine you won't have a problem girl-crushing on.

There wasn't a cliffhanger ending!
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