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What really makes someone honorable?
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Sebin has longed to join the Thousand World Space Forces and follow in their uncle's footsteps as a captain. Sebin has always seen Uncle Hwan as an idol, so when they are suddenly told Hwan is a traitor and not to be trusted, they don't know what to do. While onboard their first ship as a (almost) newly minted cadet, they meet Inspector Yi and his assistant, Min. Yi and Min seem to know Hwan and are wary of Sebin because of their family tie. When an explosion suddenly hits, it becomes clear Hwan is on the ship, and he's out for revenge. Sebin will have to decide if it is more honorable to uphold their obligation to their clan or to their intended oath to protect the Thousand Worlds.

TIGER HONOR follows the events that happened in DRAGON PEARL, but this story is through the eyes of a young tiger clan member, Sebin. I loved the inclusion of Min as a side character and getting to see more of her journey and her progress, but it was also a delight to meet Sebin and get to know them. Sebin's tiger clan is strict about loyalty but less so about love or care for one another. Sebin wants to bring honor to the tiger clan name, but they aren't sure to whether to believe Hwan or not. Betraying Hwan means betraying the whole clan, but following along with Hwan's plan means compromising Sebin's honor and what they believe is right. TIGER HONOR shows what true honor can look like and what sacrifices sometimes have to be made to follow a moral compass.

In addition to the characters, Yoon Ha Lee really brought the setting to life. Sebin is on the Haetae ship for the majority of the book. With Hwan's attempt to take over the ship, Sebin and their friends have to carefully manage their location in relation to Hwan and his crew. Both groups are trying to hack into controls and communications, and the wrong move could put everyone in danger. While this isn't a horror book, there were certain high spots of tension that had my heart racing like it was one.

Those who enjoyed DRAGON PEARL will love this exciting companion sequel where honor means more than who your family is.
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