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Boarding School Secrets, Lies, and Scandals
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Those Girls takes you inside the fabulous lives of two wealthy and fun-loving girls, Jinx Slater and Liberty Latiffe. The two are best friends, and have been ever since they met as first years at Stagmount School for Girls, an exclusive boarding school for girls in England. Even in the backstabbing and bitchy world of teenage girls, Jinx and Liberty are true friends. They would do anything for each other, as is apparent through their many wild escapades. If youve ever dreamed about life as an heiress, with your biggest concern being where youre going to party next, you will be absolutely green with envy over the posh lives of the Stagmount girls.

Jinx and Liberty are those girls you secretly wish that you could be. While Jinx is the dominant, street savvy girl, Liberty is more innocent, but carefree and adventurous. Together, they make an unstoppable duo that have the entire Stagmount school wrapped around their pinky fingers.

All is well in their boarding school world as the girls begin sixth year. Jinx and Liberty take great pleasure in making Mrs. Gunn, the most horrific teacher in the school, as angry as humanly possible. The girls have been torturing their ex-house mistress for years, and it just never gets old. But when new girl Stella Fox arrives midterm, she turns the Stagmount world upside down. With her snobby attitude, and knack for always getting what she wants, Jinx and the sixth year posse absolutely despise Stella. But Libertys naivete causes her to mistake Stellas expensive handbags and impeccable wardrobe as a sign of coolness, and suddenly Stella and Liberty are joined at the hip.

This only further infuriates Jinx and the other sixth year girls, as they try and do everything possible to bring Liberty back from the dark side. Between fighting off Stellas irritating ways and Mrs. Gunns outrageous punishments, Jinx is having a more stressful year than she expected. Soon, she learns the startling truth about Stellas past, and why she was transferred to Stagmount. It looks like it might be up to Jinx to save Liberty, and the entire school for Stellas lies and treachery before its too late!

I loved Those Girls for the racy and gossipy tale of teen girls, and Lawrence does a great job in portraying the bonds of friendship and loyalty between the Stagmount girls. However, the entire story was told from Jinxs point of view, and since Jinx and Liberty were the two main characters, I would have liked to read some of the story from Libertys point of view. Alternating viewpoints every chapter would have been nice. Overall, this is a great story for anyone who is a fan of the Gossip Girls or The Clique.
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