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There are so many things in this book that made me angry. But I feel wrong for being angry because the circumstances are less than desirable and they could’ve been prevented and the outcome of this book could have been avoided.

But teenagers are stupid and think that the way things are in high school is how the rest of their life will be and they make drastic, life changing decisions. For the worst.

But I’m still angry about Janie being a horrible friend and making people, particularly Micah, do what she wanted. (This reminded me of whatsherface from Paper Towns and I HATE that book).

I’m angry that Micah allowed her to act as such, thus potentially ruining a good friendship with Dewey.

Dewey, who had a very limited vocabulary outside of curse words, was one of the only people I could stand.

Janie and her group of jerk friends, especially Ander. (The hell kind of name is that anyways?)

Ander, rapists and overall douchebag, playing the blame game on everyone but himself (which is guess is how all rapists think).

Back to Micah, who also blames himself because he has been so brainwashed by Janie that he constantly hates himself.

How about the lack of parents in all of this? None of these kids felt comfortable enough to confide in a parent (much less the police) about the things going on in their lives.

Besides all of that, this was a very well written book. And sadly, it’s almost too realistic because situations like this do actually happen.

I sped read this, partially because it was a consuming read, partially because it made me uncomfortable and I wanted to finish it quickly.

This Is Where the World Ends is a tragically real look at what happens when you have toxic friends. A quick read that will appeal to fans of John Green or Nova Ren Suma.
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