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When her grandfather passes away, Helen has to return to Harrow (her childhood home) with her mother and brother and meet the family that her mother has been trying to keep her out of. Here, they find out that her grandfather has left Helen the estate along with a hefty sum of money, but there's one condition. She has to stay at Harrow for at least a year or else she gets nothing. With no other option, Helen decides to stay and get through the year. It's only a house. Right? Who cares if her family members are odd.

But the more time she spends there, the more Helen realizes that things aren't as they seem. Helen isn't easy to scare off and she's determined to unveil the truths of Harrow. Along the way, she gains the help of the "Harrow Witch" Bryony who's quite attractive to Helen and feelings even start to develop between them. However, the situation is less than ideal when your life is on the line and it's hard to determine if it's better to uncover the secrets, or leave them at rest.

THESE FLEETING SHADOWS is an odd young adult horror novel full of suspense and creepy vibes. The creatures that go bump in the halls during the night are not the ones you want to meet ever in your lifetime. The vivid description paints a perfect picture of them and all I can say is, "No, thank you." Not to mention the number of secrets hidden between the walls. There's a touch of LGBT and I love the character development we see in both Helen and Bryony. In the beginning it gets a bit confusing, but it comes together as the plot thickens and starts connecting the dots.

Final Verdict: Overall, this is a creepy read with a surprising queer romance wrapped in the middle. With the fall season coming up, THESE FLEETING SHADOWS is the perfect spooky story for fans of gothic horror, secrets, LGBT, suspense, and strong female leads.
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