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Enjoyable fantasy, interesting to see how some of the plot lines will pan out.
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I wanted to read The Young Elites because I read and loved her Legend series. The premise sounds great, and I have the faith that she can write characters to make me love them, and a plot that is fast paced.

I really enjoyed Adelina. I wasn't sure what to expect with the synopsis calling her heart black and her quest for vengeance. It sounded like she was more of a villian than protagonist, but she was pushed to the edge of society basically for surviving. She and others like her that survived the plague that killed so many left some of the children marked, with physical marks and even more rarely with supernatural talents. She went most of her adolescence not really knowing that she had any sort of powers, just knowing that she has silver hair that still shifts colors as well as a scar from having one of her eyes removed. But her father has always preferred her non-scarred sister, and was cruel to Adelina.

She discovers her powers when she is physically threatened and she is running away from being sold as a mistress, because even though she's marked, she is still beautiful. It is just that malfettos, what they call the children, now teens who are different, aren't socially acceptable to marry. Many want them all killed, and when she displays her powers and accidently murders, she is then facing death.

She is rescued by the Young Elite, what those with supernatural powers call themselves. She has to decide if she wants to train with them, under the leadership of Enzo. Their mission seems to be to overtake the throne. The heir currently in line for the throne Teren is hunting for Adelina, and he is part of those in power who wants them killed.

But their paths of course, are all destined to cross and intertwine. To keep her younger sister alive and safe, Adelina also has to make some pretty hard choices.

There were some times when I was a bit confused at exactly what was going on, but that is not uncommon for me and fantasy. I still enjoyed and will read the next.

The plot is fast paced, and even though Adelina has some pretty dark powers, and she has to walk a thin line of control and fury, she is still the main character, and I appreciated her character development. She does end up unleashing some pretty dark things, and she has to live with those consequences. Her path with the Daggers isn't an easy one, and she also wants to save her sister.

I did like that bond, finding out all Violetta has done for her, and loved her, protected her even when Adelina didn't realize it. I always like a strong family bond in my books, so that did make me happy. Especially with the father that treated Adelina so negatively.

I was pretty sad by one of the developments in the story and wonder what it will do to effect the bit of romance that was there, but the epilogue does give me an idea, but it also worries me at the mention of the brother and his changes.

Bottom Line: Enjoyable fantasy, interesting to see how some of the plot lines will pan out.
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