The Young Cyclist's Companion

The Young Cyclist's Companion
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September 07, 2021
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Who doesn’t remember what it feels like to be a young person on a bike. Cycling offers kids an unrivalled freedom and independence. With global cycling trends on a new, post-pandemic high, ever more young people are experiencing the joys of the beautiful machine.

This book is aimed at young people who are already proficient cyclists and are keen to learn more. It explains all the basics: How to choose a bike (types of bike, getting the right fit), basic maintenance (changing a tire, cleaning your bike), cycling techniques (pedalling, gearing, cornering, bunny hops) and next level cycling (competitions and training).

Alongside these informative texts there is a cornucopia of facts and trivia about the unusual habits of famous cyclists, the weirdest, biggest, furthest and longest bikes and journeys, the most useful cycling life-hacks, etc. This multi-layering of information makes this an inspirational read on many levels.

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THE YOUNG CYCLIST'S COMPANION is a must have for children who are interested in any kind of biking and want to know more. This guide is broken down into sections and educates children on many different things they'll need to know about biking. The first one is all about finding the right bike for you. It goes through the history and parts of a bike along with tips on how to choose the right one. The second section is about maintaining your bike and teaches you some cleaning techniques and how to fix minor issues. Then, there's cycling technique and it goes in detail of how to properly ride a bike, plus a bonus of some tricks to try. The last part is stepping it up a gear and explains the different events they have for bikers where bikers can expand their horizons.

The format of this book is well thought out. Inspiring quotes are placed throughout the book to boost positivity about biking. Pictures are of real children with some cartoon styled ones to show techniques. The colors of everything pop and I love the section in the beginning that shows the history of the bicycle. There's also an informative section that explains what you should do if you get into an accident, which is an important thing children should know.

Final Verdict: THE YOUNG CYCLIST'S COMPANION contains just about everything children should know about biking and there's so much information packed into it that it's a great learning source. Not only will it educate them on how to do things correctly, it'll also give children a boost of encouragement to do more than just simply hopping on a random bike.
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