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THE WOKEN GODS is a fascinating novel where gods and mortals exist together in a transformed Washington, D.C.

Kyra’s parents are deep in the world of gods and the Society of the Sun, which they’ve spent their lives keeping Kyra away from. No one from the Society is even allowed to speak her. So when she’s attacked by gods for her father’s supposed treason and rescued by two beginner Society operatives, who inform her of a grandfather she’s never met (and never knew she had), things start to get complicated and she realises that whatever happens, her life will never be the same. Kyra’s thrown into this unfamiliar world, finding herself in a situation she can’t walk away from, despite several chances to. With the help of old friends and new ones, Kyra fights hard for her father and uncovers truths that turn her world on its head all over again.

The imagination here is incredible. I especially enjoyed the use of the relics – such a wonderful thing to explore. The friendships between the characters are touching. Their strength as one is unbeatable, and I love that the novel allows us to discover a little more about each of them and not just Kyra. That’s very cleverly done and the transition is smooth between chapters where this occurs.

THE WOKEN GODS is a captivating story of secrets, mysteries, lies and adventure, blending rich mythology with a contemporary setting. I’d recommend to fans of Neil Gaiman, Zoë Marriott and Cassandra Clare. I was already a fan of Gwenda Bond after reading her debut novel, BLACKWOOD.
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