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The author offers a new twist on the concepts of wishes and magic. Rupus Beewinkle does much more than grant wishes and he sorely needs a new apprentice. Every person’s wish must be considered and cataloged whether it comes from a wishing well, birthday candles, dandelion petals, or turkey wishbones. The magic for some wishes requires little risk but other wishes are deemed ungrantable. The more complicated the wish the better chance there is of complications. Wishes involving life and death are considered illegal.
Rupus comes across as an eccentric character since he’s overwhelmed by problems that have arisen. He calls his secret home Snugwarm because it’s so cozy although there are messy stacks of papers and cards all over the place. He still manages to find time to indulge his sweet tooth with scrumptious snacks. His snorlick is a tasty drink that calms the characters and fills them with more positive thoughts. Rupus behaves a bit like a rebel since he has an inner desire to grant as many wishes as possible. This might explain why the wishes in his town have been experiencing snags unless an evil creature isn’t as extinct as all of the other Wishkeepers suspect. The plot offers an unexpected, passionate twist as it nears its climax.
Emotions play a large part in the story as they strongly affect the way characters view the world. Hope and joy are two of the strongest ones while despair and gloom can destroy a town. Felix is the main character and he’s feeling alone and unwanted. He especially misses the closeness he used to have with his older sister but she thinks he’s an annoying nuisance now. Rupus provides Felix with a sense of purpose and belonging that gives him more courage and optimism. However, events hit his emotions hard and force him to battle for his existence. Rupus and Felix are forced to battle the attack on positive feelings to save the entire town from desolation.
The final verdict:
This enchanting tale will captivate young readers through its unusual characters and original plot. It’s fast-paced and easy to read with charming illustrations to enhance the story. Overall, this unassuming book will be loved by all young readers and I highly recommend you give it a shot.
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