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This book is both captivating and infuriating at the same time.

The cover drew me in right away. What a gorgeous way to grab my attention! As I started reading, I realized there is a good bit of mystery going on in The Winter People. It's pretty apparent that Salome is different from most kids her age. We are led to believe that it has to do with her fear of winter after a near death experience as a child, but the reader quickly realizes there is more to her story.

That's about where my captivation ended, unfortunately. The annoying qualities of the characters over took anything that I enjoyed. For starters, Salome is annoying. She jumps from one boy to the next without any hesitation. Not cool. I am glad that she realized the manipulation and potential abusive relationship with one boy, but she was the rebound queen. That made her relationships feel trivial, so I had a hard time believing when she found 'the one'. Her best friend wasn't much better. She was just as flighty in a very skanky sort of way. I won't say much about her, but these two girls were not good role models.

But the plot twist in the end did help save the story. It wasn't a surprise but it was delivered well. I did like Salome's choice, so at least I was left with a happy ending.
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