The Winter Bird

The Winter Bird
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October 11, 2022
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Forest animals help an injured nightingale survive the winter in a comforting story of friendship and resilience, lyrically told and gorgeously illustrated.

As the days grow shorter and the air becomes colder, the spring birds fly south for winter—all except for a nightingale with a broken wing. Unable to fly, the nightingale worries about how to prepare for weather it’s never had to experience before. Luckily, the forest animals who are used to frosty conditions help the nightingale navigate the cold as its wing heals. Though the unfamiliar season proves challenging, and even a little scary at times, the nightingale discovers there’s beauty to be found in even the harshest weather—and with that comes newfound gratitude for the return of spring. Kate Banks weaves a story of perseverance and kindness, brought beautifully to life by Suzie Mason’s stunning artwork.

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lovely story of community
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THE WINTER BIRD is a lovely story of community and winter. A nightingale has been injured and is unable to migrate for the winter. While it is not sure what it will do, luckily, the winter animals are happy to help it through the winter. When it gets cold, the animals help the nightingale find ways to stay warm with the rabbits inviting it into their den and the squirrels sharing the nuts they had saved. As the nightingale experiences winter, it understands the dangers but also the beauty. Though it was a spring bird, it is now a winter bird too.

What I loved: This is such a lovely story of community and coming together to help others. The animals also help nightingale, who does not know what to do during winter but sings them songs. They all find a way through the cold and blizzards together. The animals teach the nightingale and do what they can to help and share what they have in a really great message about kindness and generosity.

The story also has some basic information about hibernation and how animals who do not hibernate survive the winter. Through the story, children see that some animals hibernate, some stay put, and others migrate when the cold sets in. While this is the basis for the story, it is also a great way for little ones to begin understanding little facts about animals.

The illustrations are really beautiful throughout the story, capturing winter and the animals really well. The images are all full page, providing children with many details to explore. The font is also generally strategically placed on the snow to keep it readable throughout.

Final verdict: THE WINTER BIRD is a beautiful story about community and kindness that will work well for preschoolers on up.
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