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THE WEIGHT OF SOULS is an eerie story of a twisted game gone horribly wrong. Taylor Oh suffers from an ancient curse that’s both dangerous and rewarding. Taylor is an incredibly strong character. She’s faced with bullying at school, fallouts with her friends, the loss of her mum, a strained relationship with her dad, and the constant appearance of ghosts wanting her help. I have a lot of sympathy for Taylor, but I admire her strength.

The popular group that torments Taylor are part of a club that has its benefits and offers its members a great future. The V club is a unique and sinister touch - an extreme game of truth or dare, which causes the death of one of Taylor’s classmates, Justin. As a ghost, Justin touches Taylor and transfers a mark that must be passed on to his killer, or the darkness will come for her instead. But Justin is unclear of what happened on the night of his death and Taylor must join him in getting to the bottom of the mystery.

It’s an exciting race against time to find out who is responsible for Justin’s murder as the darkness closes in on them. THE WEIGHT OF SOULS is a thrilling read with great mystery and a sweet romance.
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