The Triangle Secret (The Math Kids #6)

The Triangle Secret (The Math Kids #6)
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April 01, 2022
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When FBI Special Agent Carlson is kidnapped while investigating the plane crash of Willard Howell, an eccentric billionaire inventor, the Math Kids spring into action. If Catherine, Stephanie, Justin, and Jordan can figure out the Great Triangle mentioned in Howell's will, they might just uncover who's behind the crash and Agent Carlson's kidnapping―if they don't get caught themselves!

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Triangle Secret (The Math Kids #6)
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What worked:
The early chapters reference previous books where the Math Kids helped the FBI solve a kidnapping and an unsolved bank robbery. This time, Agent Carlson has been kidnapped in Egypt and accidentally sends a text message to Jordan, one of the Math Kids. The kids contact another FBI agent and discover Carlson was investigating the will of a missing billionaire. The will contains cryptic information with numbers involved, so the Math Kids become invaluable resources in solving Agent Carlson’s kidnapping and the mystery of the billionaire’s disappearance.
Math is an integral part of the book, as the four main characters have a passionate interest in numbers and patterns. Agent Carlson follows clues that he assumes lead to Egypt, but the Math Kids think he needs to look at things differently. The billionaire's will talks about the Great Triangle, the number 121, and the answer to an ancient riddle. Readers are able to ponder the clues along with the characters. Throughout the book, the kids find math in all kinds of strange places like in music and art. They’re constantly noticing patterns, and the author provides opportunities for readers to solve a few before the characters reveal the solutions.
The illustrations and appendix provide graphic displays of problems the Math Kids encounter and help readers envision the information. Many of the problems involve patterns and it helps to see the numbers arranged in an organized way. Pascal’s Triangle was a favorite of the missing billionaire, and the kids discover it’s a rather amazing source of patterns. Readers will notice numerical order in the pictures and will hopefully notice other patterns as well. The appendix offers answers and explanations to the problems posed in the story and even shares a connection to Harry Houdini!
What didn’t work as well:
The author’s voice is straightforward without much embellishment and matches the mathematical theme of the book. However, it comes across as a little dry when compared to other middle-grade novels. More description can help to visualize the events and connect with the characters. The mystery and problem solving keep my interest and will appeal to math lovers.
The Final Verdict:
Patterns are everywhere. You’ll need to have an interest in math to appreciate and enjoy this book. You’ll encounter problem-solving and studying patterns in every chapter, and the author gives readers chances to solve the questions themselves before sharing the answers. The Math Kids are kind, loyal, and intelligent partners and are model characters. I enjoyed the concept of the book, and I recommend you give it a shot.
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