The Thing About Georgie

The Thing About Georgie
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January 30, 2007
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As far as Georgie is concerned, everyone has a "thing" The thing about poodles is that Georgie Bishop hates to walk them. The thing about Jeanie the Meanie is that she would rather write on her shoe than help Georgie with their Abraham Lincoln project. The thing about Andy's nonna is that she kisses Georgie's cheeks and doesn't speak one word of English. The thing about Georgie's mom is that she's having a baby—a baby who will probably be taller than Georgie very, very soon. The thing about Georgie . . . well, what is the thing about Georgie?

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The Thing About Georgie
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The thing about Georgie is that he is a 9-year-old midget, and his best friend is Andy Moretti. Together, they own a dog walking business. They pick up their dogs ever day, right after school. Andy walks the big dogs and Georgie walks the small ones. Every day is the same until Andy becomes friends with Russ. Now, Georgie is jealous. He thinks that Russ might replace him and become Andys new best friend. Where would that leave Georgie? Andy and Georgie have a big fight. Can they ever become friends again?

Another thing is that Georgies mother is having a baby, and the new baby will not be a midget. Georgie is afraid that when the baby grows taller than him, he or she will steal all the love from his parents. His parents are musicians and had high hopes for Georgie when he was born. Then, they realized that Georgie is a midget and just too small to play most instruments. What will happen if the baby becomes the musician Georgies parents had always hoped for? Will Georgies parents love the baby more than Georgie?

The thing is, nothing seems to be as expected for poor Georgie. Jeanie the Meanie is the school bully and Georgie has been her target for as long as he can remember. But now, Jeanie seems to have changed and suddenly she is being friendlier to Georgie. Will Georgie and Jeanie learn to be friends?

The Thing About Georgie is a fast, fun read. It is great for all ages, and both boys and girls will enjoy reading about Georgie. One of the cool things about this book is how the author speaks directly to the reader. Each chapter begins with the author asking the reader to do a task such as taking your tongue out of your mouth for a few minutes, See how it gets dry and slobbery at the same time? These activities are ways to show the differences between Georgie and you, the reader. You will root for Georgie and hope that he works everything out. A great weekend read. I definitely recommend it.
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