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I love summer!! and summer books!
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So many people have been recommending this book to me and I’m so glad I finally picked it up because it was so so good! Written by Jenny Han, The Summer I Turned Pretty was a breathtaking story about a girl named Belly who goes to a beach house every summer with her mom and brother to visit her moms best friend Susannah and her two sons Jeremiah & Conrad. Belly falls for Conrad during one of the first two summers and every summer she falls deeper and deeper in love with him.

Let’s start with Belly. Such an odd nickname right? But it makes the story 10 times more interesting. Anyways Belly is the kind of character who you first think is so childish and annoying but she grows on you by the end. She wasn’t like that to me at first but as the flashbacks started happening I got whole new perspectives of her.

Now on to the boys! First we have Belly’s brother Steven who isn’t a huge part to the story but he is a little part. He’s always teasing Belly like any other brother. Belly’s best friend in the story, the one whose always there for her the one that really understands her Jeremiah. I had mixed feelings for Jere throughout the story first I wanted them to be together then I liked them more as friends and so on. But in the end I’m happy how they ended up. Lastly we have the famous Conrad. I was totally for Conrad the whole time. I don’t know what it is but I kind of have a thing for Dark, messed up guys and Conrad fits in that category.

I feel like the ending of this book would be good to just end everything. Like there didn’t mean to be anymore to the story you just could picture your own ending. But there are a few more books In the series that I’m eager to get my hands on it!
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