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Quick but resonates. A great, romantic read!
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I found this story a great and enjoyable read. It reads very fast, and I look forward to seeing anything else Jennifer Smith comes out with. Highly recommended!
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The chance meeting of Hadley and Oliver was at first amusing, then intriguing, and deepened into an endearing, quick read by Jennifer Smith. I loved how the story unfurled from the beginning and wove multiple storylines together. Hadley's parents are divorced and her father is getting remarried. Hadley is American, and her father (after moving to England to teach on a short term basis, eventually dissolves his marriage to Hadley's mother and intends to remarry a British woman he met while there.

Hadley must travel to England to close one chapter of her life by participating in her father's marriage, while she's not ready to face the fact her parent's marriage is over.

Oliver isn't traveling to a wedding. His travel plans are for a funeral.

When Hadley misses her flight, she ends up sitting next to Oliver, and from there a romantic interlude distracts both Hadley and Oliver from fully dealing with their own problems. As their time together continues, both realize they have a spark neither one expected, and both wonder if it's worth the risk to pursue a love that should never have happened. Clearly, it was all a mistake, an accident, a statistical improbability. Or, was it?
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