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When the world is new and all the animals lack color, a painter pulls out her paintbrush and palette to liven things up. She starts with the small critters and works her way through the animals. As the nightingale steps up, the painter realizes she has nothing left except a little bit of gold. So, she gives it a speck while the rest is left white. It flies away happy, embracing its differences from the other animals, beautiful in its own way.

THE SONG OF THE NIGHTINGALE holds an interesting concept of a painter giving the animals and nature its color. It's also a unique way to look at why the nightingale is white with just a little bit of gold. The illustrations are vibrant with their vast array of colors and the style reminds me of water-coloring on a canvas. They also give me a Picasso vibe in a stunning way that pops off the page. The dialogue is fun and melodic with words like "fiddly, twiddly, wriggly, etc."

Final Verdict: THE SONG OF THE NIGHTINGALE will stimulate a child's creative side and will appeal to young artists everywhere. I would recommend it to animal lovers and those who enjoy drawing and painting.
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