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(Updated: July 16, 2015)
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“One can never help being born into perfection.”

World’s worst character name goes to...*Drumroll*…America Singer! Congratulations Mer, you earned it. It took me pretty much the whole book to adjust to her name. And FINALLY around 60% they give a reason for why she was named America. Makes it much easier for me to deal with, even though it didn’t make me hate her name any less. Of course there’s much more to a book than character names.

The banter and conversations between America and Maxon felt fun to me. They sound like countless conversations I’ve had in my life. I read a few reviews that called the dialogue unrealistic and I just laughed. Maybe to you, but not to me.

My guilty pleasure has always been reality tv. I have a habit of saying oh goodness that show looks stupid, then proceeding to put it on and bingewatch the whole season. When I heard what this was about I was so excited, reality tv in a book? Count me in! I can see why people may have found the book unlikable or annoying but it was fun for me. It was my guilty pleasure in a whole new form. The contestants you root for and the ones you want to stab are in the book. And with the setting being a competition you always wonder if you can really trust the others.

My only big complaint about the book was how long it took to get a real description of how the world came into being. I believe it was at 63% before they explained everything that had happened to create the new world Illea. Up until that point I was like I love this, but how the heck did it come to this caste system and monarchy in what used to be the USA?

Even if I hated every other aspect of the book, which I didn’t, I would have still loved Maxon. He’s sweet, clueless, funny, and next in line to rule the country. I felt like another contestant who was unnoticed by the prince and was jealous of all the attention he gave to America. NOTICE ME MAXON, PLEASE!

Yes a lot of people stated that this is a book that’s all fluff, no substance. Sometimes that’s what I want. I had a terribleweek and wanted to enjoy a book, get lost in a world where I’m not cleaning floors and having back pain. And this book did that. I don’t generally pick up a YA reality tv-esque book when I want substance. Though I wouldn’t be upset if it offered that as well. So to sum up, this book brought me the relaxing evening away from my worries that I was hoping for when I opened it up.
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