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Clara Starling is used to the drudgery of life with her uncle in his huge mansion. It’s all routine, cold and sparse conversation, and rules. One day, her uncle suddenly takes off, leaving Clara in town with some money and nothing else. Unsure of what else to do, Clara returns to the mansion, only to find a stranger, Peter, there. Clara and Peter become fast friends and decide to stay at the mansion on their own, making their own rules, and having fun. When they stumble upon an old ballet slipper, they discover a long-lost mystery of the Starling family that could change all their lives.

Reasons to read THE SECRET STARLING:
1.) The mystery: THE SECRET STARLING features an intriguing, dramatic mystery with several unexpected plot twists. The beginning is on the slower side, but once the ballet slipper is found, the pace picks up.
2.) The illustrations: In the review copy I received, the illustrations were unfinished but still lovely. I particularly enjoyed the ones featuring the neighborhood kids (and their horse) Clara and Peter meet.
3.) The tone: THE SECRET STARLING features several familiar elements, like being an orphan, making a ragtag group of friends, etc. It brings that warm, familiar tone to the story, even as the mystery is heating up. The ending is especially touching.

Fans of Maryrose Wood and Claire Legrand are sure to like this heartwarming story from Judith Eagle.
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