The Sea in the Way

The Sea in the Way
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September 06, 2022
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All Badger wants is to be close to Bear, but the vast, endless sea is in the way. Everything is terrible! Until Badger looks more closely and sees all the beauty—and all the connections to Bear—around her. With dazzling artwork and undeniably lovable characters, acclaimed author-illustrator Sophie Gilmore’s The Sea in the Way explores ways to cope with missing a loved one, and how to open yourself up to new experiences. 
When it’s bedtime for Badger, the sun is rising for Bear. Bear isn’t there to tuck Badger in or hear about her day or spend time with her, except on the telephone. Missing Bear, Badger tries to cross the sea to reunite with her friend, but ends up getting tossed right back to where she started. The sea is always in the way! 

When the sea requests a few gifts in exchange for safe passage, Badger looks for something special. And looks and looks. Soon enough, she sees the wonders that surround her—and she even makes a new friend! In the end, Badger realizes that Bear may be even closer than she thought.

Readers of The Invisible String will find new friends in Badger, Bear, and Loud Bird.

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Badger and Bear are the best of friends and love being with one another. The only problem is that a vast sea stretches between them so they never get to visit each other. However, the sea offers Badger a deal. If he can bring him something nice, the sea will let him cross over to Bear's house. As Badger starts to look for something amazing, he realizes how much of Bear is around him. There's a certain beauty in everything when you take a closer look and it makes Badger not miss Bear so much in his absence.

THE SEA IN THE WAY has cute main characters to set the stage and their friendship is an admirable one. Not only is their friendship an unlikely one because of how much of a predator bears usually are, but the distance makes it even harder. Either way, these two will not let anything stand in their way of being the best of friends. Not even a sea. The watercolor illustrations have a darker theme to them as if a storm accompanies the sea, but the element of friendship is apparent with each turn of the page.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to children how love to read stories that's main themes are unlikely friendship and animals. The darker colors would make this a decent bedtime story.
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