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The Savage Blue was a stunning sophomore novel from Zoraida Cordova. I liked The Vicious Deep, but it failed to completely wow me. That was completely reversed with this next installment of Tristan's story! Entrancing readers from the first page, The Savage Blue is a read you won't want to miss.
First off, Zoraida Cordova has excellent taste in poetry - each part of the book opens with a snippet of the poem that personifies the book and they are stunning sections. You cannot go wrong with Yeats and Rossetti.

There is no time to play catch up inbetween books 1 and 2, since The Savage Blue starts off with a sprint, and doesn't let down for a moment. It took me a bit to get back into the story since it had been a year since I last visited Tristan's world, but once I got situated, I was in love.
Zoraida Cordova really focuses in on the fact there is no black and white - The Savage Blue is all about the varying shades of grey, since even the villains have their moments where you sympathize with them.
I loved the characters - there is such diversity among them. They all have such different personalities, and there are even a plethora of different creatures that make their appearances. Not only do we get to see characters back from The Vicious Deep, but The Savage Blue introduces many new characters to the storyline!

The Savage Blue is an epic adventure. The plot raced along at a speed that was intense and I wouldn't have it any other way. I absolutely adored this read from Zoraida Cordova and I already cannot wait to read more from her! Can I have some more, please? Because I am essentially dying for book 3!
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